Tired of Gimmicks that Don’t Work?

Gain up to 1.9″ in 6 months

…using this clinically tested system

The good news is that penis extenders (or stretchers) are one of the few options with a proven track record that is backed by clinical studies. The bad news is that they’re typically uncomfortable to wear, not easily concealed under clothing and usually can’t be used while sleeping.

The Solution? Phallosan Forte.

Phallosan Forte

Why is Phallosan Forte the Best Extender?

Not only can it help you gain up to 1.9″ in LENGTH and 1.0″ in GIRTH in 6 MONTHS, but its innovative design makes the process easier and painless. Watch the video below see how to use the Phallosan Forte and why it works.

Reason #1 – Comfort and Safety

Metal extenders are uncomfortable mostly because of the way they attach the penis. The most common ones use a silicone noose or strap that wraps around and under the penis head. If it’s too loose the extender slips off but if it’s too tight it restricts your blood flow. For this reason they are difficult to wear for more than 1 or 2 hours at a time before you need to take a break or make some sort of adjustment.

The Phallosan Forte attaches the penis in a completely different way that doesn’t “strangle” the penis but uses suction to apply pressure evenly over a wider surface. The result is that it can be worn for hours without discomfort with some users claiming they sometimes forget they’re even wearing it. The video above shows you how how to put it on and why it’s so comfortable.

Reason #2 – Wear it While Sleeping

Rigid extenders are too bulky to be worn at night and would seriously limit your ability to find a comfortable sleeping position if you tried. Furthermore, involuntary erections that normally occur while sleeping will, more often than not, cause the device to slip off.


No such problems occurs with the Phallosan Forte which can be worn comfortably while you sleep. One can’t overemphasize the HUGE advantage this really is. For whatever reason, if you simply can’t wear an extender during the day, this is a great option to have. In most cases, you will have met your daily usage quota by the time before your day even begins!

Reason #3 – Invisible Under Clothing

Rigid extenders are very difficult to conceal under clothing. Some of the most popular models claim that you can but the truth is that it’s only possible under very loose clothing. When worn under slacks or jeans that have a regular fit, the presence of the extender is evident and even more so if you decide to sit down.

By comparison, the Phallosan Forte can be worn under clothing without being noticeable. Not only is it discreet but its flexible design allows freer movement which also makes it more comfortable. See it for yourself by viewing the video above which clearly shows how discreet it is when worn under clothing.

Reason #4 – Clinically Tested

The market is saturated with male enhancement products that make bold claims without providing any proof of results. Though some of them might actually work, the vast majority are schemes that are more successful at emptying your wallet than increasing your penis size. This is truly a case where you should be cautious of anything that sounds too good to be true which is more the rule than the exception when it comes to penis enlargement.

clinically proven

On the other hand, the Phallosan Forte bucks the trend by being one of the very few penis enlargement devices to have undergone clinical studies. The results were so positive that it’s now sold in European pharmacies with some insurance companies covering the cost. Furthermore, it has also been endorsed by several well respected physicians which only adds to its credibility.

Reason #5 – User APP

Newly introduced is a downloadable APP from iTunes that helps users get the most out of the Phallosan Forte. With it, users can schedule when they need to wear the device and be alerted when their time quota has been met. Over time, as the APP receives progress information from the user, it is able to recommend the proper amount of tension needed to meet a predetermined goal. It makes using the Phallosan easier and more effective.

To get this device now or to obtain more information, please visit the official Phallosan Forte website by clicking on the button below.