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The male enlargement device known as the Phallosan Forte relies on the concept of traction to increase penis size. Classified as a penis extender, this male enhancement method is known to be particularly effective which explains its widespread popularity amongst men. While many competing products make outrageous claims they can’t substantiate (like adding 3 inches in length within a couple of weeks), extenders are one of the rare exceptions that actually works.

Traction is not a novel concept and one that has been relied upon for many years by doctors aiming to extend the extremities of patients with growth deficiencies. This technique aims to promote “Cytokinesis“, a biological reaction that occurs when continual tension is applied to a targeted body part. This physiological response refers to the process by which the total number of cells is increased through repeated cell division. Your body then has access to to these new cells when creating additional tissue to meet growth requirements.

Phallosan Forte Package

Almost all extenders that are offered are the type that incorporates metal rods in their design. Their popularity of this design explains why it has been subjected to very few changes over time. That being the case, most users agree they are far from ideal and could use some major tweaks, more specifically the comfort aspect and ease of use. Determined to correct these 2 common complaints a German manufacturer invented the Phallosan Forte, a new type of extender with a completely unique design.

How Does Phallosan Forte Work

The typical method of putting on and using an extender has gone by the wayside. Replacing it is a more comfortable system that relies on suction to secure your penis instead of silicone straps or nooses. Tension is provided by a strap wrapped around your midsection hooks onto the silicone bell that secures the penis head via suction. Describing it in words makes it sound more complex so watching the following video is highly recommended so you can see firsthand how easy it really is.

Getting good results with an extender takes time which is why comfort becomes such an important factor. Typically, men are willing to accept some discomfort in return for getting bigger. That being said, the level of discomfort associated with most extenders doesn’t allow them to be worn for sufficient time periods. The Phallosan Forte extender was designed to overcome this problem by incorporating a plastic tip that holds onto the glands with suction and allows the penis to be placed in traction without impeding blood flow.

Increasing your penis size takes patience but results will come to those who are persistent and wear the device for as long as recommended. Apart from the issue that the rigid metal design isn’t comfortable, it also can’t be used while you sleep and too noticeable if worn during the day under clothing. The obvious dilemma is trying to accumulate enough usage time every day which is made especially difficult if it can’t be worn as you sleep or while at work.

This constraint is once again addresses by the Phallosan Forte which is not only more discreet when worn under clothing, but is also one of the few devices that can be used while asleep. The ability to wear it during night time gives it a huge advantage over traditional extenders by giving you a wider time frame to log in your time of usage. During a typical 8 hour night of sleep, you will have almost met your daily requirement of usage by the time you wake up!

Some skepticism may still persist even after learning about all the ways the Phallosan Forte is better than its competitors. What should be even more convincing is that the makers of this product go beyond providing only anecdotal evidence that is subjective in nature but instead disclose the results of actual studies. These results not only show that Phallosan Forte is effective in promoting penis growth but the positive feedback from well known doctors only adds to the credibility.

Phallosan Forte Results

Orthopedic traction has been around for many years and is most commonly used by doctors to lengthen the extremities of individuals with growth deficiencies. The process involves applying constant stretching tension to an area with the intent of provoking a biological response called Cytokinesis. When invoked, it causes the creation of more cells through a repeated cycle of cellular division. It’s these new cells that become the foundation for the extra tissue that is needed to accommodate new growth.

For centuries in many cultures, numerous tribes have used the same technique to lengthen various body parts. Pieces of wood and metallic rings are common objects still used to stretch the lips and lengthen the necks of females in some tribes of Africa. A Phallosan Forte extender works on the same principle but focuses on the penis instead. It does the same thing but in a way that’s more controlled and therefore safer.

Penile Curve or “Peyronie’s Disease”

Somewhere close to 5% of guys are affected by this problem which refers to a penis that is excessively bent. Though uncommon, in some extreme cases the angle can reach almost 90 degrees. For one particular patient, the doctor suggested trying the Phallosan Forte instead of having surgery.

Not only did it significantly help to reduce the curvature of his penis, but the angle was reduced to about 30 degrees within 6 months. The majority of cases aren’t this extreme though in excess of 600 men have used it successfully thus far.

Clinical Tests

Due to the male enhancement market being deluged with dubious products, identifying those that actually work can be challenging. When trying to anticipate potential results, one needs to have realistic expectations. The majority of men have been exposed to ads that may sound enticing, like gaining multiple inches in a matter of weeks, but which have no basis in reality. These claims are grossly inflated to say the least and merely exploiting men’s vulnerability to make money.

Ignoring products that make deceiving claims of this sort will eliminate most products available and save you time. Those that remain still deserve your scrutiny but by this point you’ve made the number to look at less intimidating. Ideally, items with a credible history that have undergone rigorous 3rd party testing while also being recommended by doctors are the ones you focus on. It satisfies all of these requirements and the results of clinical tests on the Phallosan Forte can be seen here.

One particular test was performed on 24 males whose ages varied from 20 – 68 over a 6 month time frame. The chart below summarizes the results achieved at different times during the course of the experiment.
Clinical Study Results Chart

Final Results

  • the average gain in length (erect) after 3 months was 0.45″ and 0.75″ after 6 months.
  • the average gain in girth (erect) after 3 months was 0.25″ and 0.30″ after 6 months.
  • the average gain in length (flaccid) after 3 months was 0.40″ and 0.60″ after 6 months.

Note that the men who were tested used the device 5 times per week for 6 hours each time. This daily usage time is the minimum required by the Phallosan Forte to deliver meaningful results even though its design makes it comfortable enough to be worn for twice as many hours. While I’m a pretty average guy, that didn’t stop me from getting results which exceeded the study averages. Summarized below are the results of my own experience.

Personal Results

Personal Size Gains Chart

Overall, I gained about 1.30″ in length and 0.40″ in girth when erect, which are impressive gains for a novice. Consistency is a determining factor and I fully believe that any person can make gains of at least 1″ if they have the dedication to stay the course. To my surprise, my orgasms now feel more intense while my erections are firmer than before.

Phallosan Forte vs. Sizegenetics

Since Sizegenetics is widely respected for making one of the best extenders on the market, some may wonder how it compares to a Phallosan Forte. There’s no denying that Sizegenetics offers an advanced device that has proven to be effective despite the flaws inherent to its outdated design. Even after acknowledging its incremental improvements over time, it still comes nowhere close to equalling the level of comfort provided by the Phallosan Forte.

When extenders are evaluated, comfort is a factor that shouldn’t be overlooked. To deliver satisfying results you need to wear them for many hours every day which is something that’s hard to do when resorting to conventional extenders that use either a noose or strap to secure the penis. They tend to constrict the penis, thus impeding proper blood flow and leading to discomfort. This problem makes it almost impossible wear them continually without the need for an adjustment or break from time to time.

The approach Phallosan Forte uses differs greatly and secures the penis with suction rather than tying it down. The advantage of this design is in providing added comfort for longer periods of continual use. This allows users to more easily attain their daily usage quota which leads to quicker gains. When it isn’t comfortable, it’s normal to start using an extender less often and then possibly quit.

Get Bigger While Sleeping

In practical terms, the Phallosan Forte surpasses Sizegenetics in 2 specific areas. The greatest advantage it offers is the ability to wear it while you sleep. The magnitude of this benefit can’t be overstated. The option to wear it at night allows you to make progress while sleeping and often meet your daily time requirement by the time you wake up. The rigid structure of traditional extenders hinder your ability to find a comfortable sleep position while also being prone to slipping off whenever an unprompted erection occurs.

Also, because it’s less cumbersome than a Sizegenetics, it’s easier to conceal under clothes which is a vital option for those who need to wear it while away from home. For a number of reasons, some men won’t be able to wear it at night or simply want to tack on more usage time. For them, having the ability to discreetly wear it under their clothes offers additional flexibility. Simple calculations quickly make it evident that meeting your daily usage goals is very difficult when you don’t have the option of wearing an extender at night or out in public.

Top Pick – Phallosan Forte

When comparing the benefits offered by each one, they aren’t far apart and choosing either one is a good decision. Some guys might even give the Sizegenetics a slight advantage for being more user friendly. Whether this is actually true remains subjective, but the level of comfort offered by the Phallosan Forte and the option to wear it at night makes the right choice even more obvious. I personally believe that when taking all the previously mentioned factors into consideration, the Phallosan Forte ends up being the clear winner.

A factor future users need to be aware of is that it was intentionally designed to be more effective at promoting gains in length but less so at increasing girth. That doesn’t mean your girth won’t improve, but simply that it wasn’t designed to emphasize that particular attribute. If your major focus is to increase girth, hydropumps such as the Bathmate or Penomet will produce better results. My personal choice between those two would be the Bathmate which is more sturdy and comfortable to use.


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In older models, condom sleeves that came with the Phallosan Forte kit were less reliable and prone to ripping easily. This issue forced users to invest more money to purchase additional sleeves. You no longer have to be concerned about this possibility since the sleeves are now made from a more durable material with bonus condoms now included. With more condoms of better quality coming with every kit, your initial purchase has all you need to achieve your full potential before needing to buy spare components.

When making a fair comparison and noting the many advantages it has over traditional extenders, the Phallosan Forte is far and away the best choice. When compared to other products that offer similar gains, it has a definite edge in comfort and ease of use. Even more enticing is that it’s cheaper than Sizegenetics and includes extra resources that provide the user all the information they need to use their device to its full potential. To get more information about the Phallosan Forte or to place an order, please click on the button below to access the official website.

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